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Jonah Haché

Electronic, Indie, Urban

Jonah Haché is a Moncton based multi-instrumental looper and composer. His music ranges from dance music to electro-acoustic and orchestral arrangements. His live shows are often accompanied by visuals by self designed projection and light installations. 

Performing since 2005, Jonah’s been more recently expanding his eclectic, musical multi-media experience abroad. As a solo artist, Haché has toured Europe, hitting Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Belgium and across Canada. He's performed festivals such as Evolve, Future Forest, Midsummer Madness, Inspire Festival and Messtival and Pop Montreal.

Jonah's also been a part of other musical projects over the years such as Les Païens, Stephen Lewis and the big band of fun, The Motorleague, Something Delicioius and Morse Code Alphabet. He also composes soundtracks to film and choreographed dance. Outside of music, Jonah's other passion is visual projection installations for music festivals, television and theatre.

Jonah Haché's music is compared to artists such as Beck, Radiohead, Bonobo and Gold Panda.