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A Note about C-11

Posted Bydawn
Thursday, March 24, 2022 - 09:34

From the Music Publishers Canada about the Online Streaming Act

Dear Songwriter,

I am writing to you today to give you some important information about the Online Streaming Act that was introduced by the Government of Canada in early February. This new bill is being welcomed by the music industry and will positively impact you and other Canadian songwriters, composers and music publishers in Canada.

Canada’s updates to the Online Streaming Act will

·    make it easier to find Canadian stories and music – including yours
·    support songwriters, composers and music publishers and create jobs
·    ensure that our stories can be heard in both English, French and Indigenous languages

We want to make it clear that these updates will NOT:

·    disadvantage you or other digital creators from exploring new opportunities on new digital platforms
·    limit freedom of expression in any way

These updates are necessary to ensure that streaming services have the responsibility to contribute to, and fund the creation and promotion of Canadian music, and as a result, make it easier for Canadian audiences to find and engage with the content you’re creating.

Songwriters, composers, music publishers - and all of those working in the creative industry ecosystem - are strong believers in the importance of protecting freedom of expression. Without freedom of expression, we know that there are no Canadian songs or stories. The Online Streaming Act is simply about making sure Canadian stories and music can be easily found by Canadian audiences on these globally important platforms.

A recent study released by SOCAN shows that more than two-thirds (68%) of Canadians agree that it is important for foreign internet and social media companies to contribute to/promote Canadian music, TV shows, and movies, and nearly a quarter (23%) "strongly agree" with this sentiment, according to a Leger survey of Canadians across the country.

Streaming services have been in Canada for almost a decade without fully supporting Canadian music in the way that TV and radio services do. SOCAN, Songwriters Association of Canada, the Screen Composers Guild of Canada, and Music Publishers Canada all support the tabling of the Online Streaming Act and see it as an important first step to make it easier for Canadian audiences to find and engage with Canadian stories and giving our music a place in the world of streaming.

We will continue to keep you posted on how this develops.