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Conference (506) 101

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​★ 16·18 SEPT 2022, Moncton ★
​★ 21·22 OCT 2022, Moncton ★

What is Conference (506)?

Conference (506) is a multi-stage program that helps emerging and developing artists build sustainable careers in the music industry. 

New Brunswick is teeming with musical talent, far exceeding the infrastructure and professional resources available. Conference (506) aims to give artists the tools to achieve the next step in their careers.

Part 1, In THEORY, takes place on September 16·18 and is for selected artists only. Part 2, In PRACTICE, takes place on October 21·22 and is for the whole music industry!

Who can apply?

Conference (506) aims to give emerging (1) and developing (2) New Brunswick artists the knowledge and skills to reach their career goals. This is not a program for established artists with a significant track record. The artist should have some industry experience but has yet to achieve significant success.

(1) An artist who has already taken their first steps in the music industry (gigs in their immediate region, demo, some social media, etc.), but might still be missing some of the necessary tools to move forward. (≈ 1-2 years in the music business)

(2) An artist who has a better understanding of the music industry and who has experience (provincial or regional touring, sound recording, showcasing, grant applications, etc.) They need help to advance to the next level of their business goals by building their team, making contacts and learning the right skills (≈3-6 years)

Who shouldn't apply?

While we don't like to discourage anyone from throwing their hat in, Conference (506) is not intended for established and exporting artists who have a significant track record and a steady team. If this is your case, there will be other programs for you! And you are welcome to join us for the 'In PRACTICE' portion of the event, OCT. 21-22, which will offer many opportunities for networking and professional development, open to all.

What are we looking for?

  • Priority will be given to Artists who write and perform their own songs. 
  • All music genres can apply to participate in Conference (506)
  • Artists (including all band members) are required to participate in all the program components. They must also be willing to travel. MNB will compensate the artists for their travel expenses and their time.
  • Artists must be members of Music·Musique NB 
  • Artists must be residents of New Brunswick for at least six (6) months prior to the program start. For bands, the majority of members must be residents of New Brunswick.


We can’t have an industry conference without industry pros! If you book for a festival or venue, and you are looking for an excuse to get out of the house, join us for the 'In PRACTICE' portion of Conference (506), OCT 21-22. 

  • Panels and keynote speakers on trendy industry topics
  • Lightning Rounds (aka Speed Dating) between artists and pros
  • Showcases
  • Drink Tickets!