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Expert Access: Etiquette & Expectations

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In the event that you are approved to work with an expert, we want to ensure that both you AND the expert have a positive experience, so we’ve created some guidelines for proper etiquette and expectations for these sessions. Please take these into careful consideration; failure to do so may result in your future disqualification from the program.

General considerations

We have tried our best to present a list of Canada’s most qualified industry professionals, with decades of experience and a wide range of services available. Everyone’s time is extremely valuable, so please make every effort to keep your scheduled sessions and show up on time. If you must cancel a session, please contact and the expert at least 24 hours before the scheduled session. Missed sessions without notice will not be rebooked.

Selecting an expert

  1. Do your research - read their bio and list of things they’re able to help you with, as well as things they cannot. These will help you decide who best fits your project needs.
  2. Some professionals have specific availability, while some are more flexible. Please consider this when making your selection.
  3. Some experts may be able to facilitate follow-up sessions with you, as needed. Please discuss this with them; as long as your sessions do not total more than the listed maximum, the follow-up sessions may be covered in the same project.

Preparing for your session

  1. Come with an open mind and be ready to consider suggestions from the expert. Their honest feedback is meant to help you and allow you to see new perspectives.
  2. Bring 3-5 questions you’d like to guide the discussion. Be prepared to give an honest overview of your project’s successes and challenges. Be specific about your goals.
  3. Gather as much preliminary data as possible - ex: if meeting with a financial consultant, try to have your financial documents printed or digitally accessed ahead of time; if meeting with a metadata consultant, make sure you’re logged in your accounts and able to share your social & streaming data quickly.

During your session

  1. Be punctual, cordial and professional. Respect their time and your own, and stick to the allotted time frame. Missed sessions will not be rebooked.
  2. This is not a sales pitch. The experts have agreed to lend a hand, not to sign new deals. If mutually interested in pursuing business beyond this program, please discuss outside of your booked sessions.
  3. Experts may be able to complete some hands-on tasks for you within the allotted time, but generally, the expectation is that they provide the guidance and you do the work.
  4. Disrespectful language, threats, comments or alike will not be tolerated. The consultant will report any unacceptable behaviour to Music·Musique NB, which may result in program expulsion, banning of future participation, or similar actions. Treat everyone with respect.
  5. Respect their privacy. Experts should not be asked or expected to reveal confidential or proprietary information as it relates to their company and/or clients.

After the session

  1. Be professional. Please do not contact the expert outside of your allotted session(s) unless explicitly agreed to by the expert.
  2. Remember that you own your development. If you have booked a follow-up session, be sure to complete all requested preparations & homework before your next session. It is up to you to follow through on actionable items.
  3. Please file your completion report within 2 weeks of concluding the last session. This report will help us a) pursue future funding opportunities for programs like this, and b) identify strong partnerships to build on in the future.

This guideline sheet is based on a similar form created by MusicBC for their Jumpstart program.