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Expert Access Guidelines

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The Industry Pathways II: Expert Access Component provides access to advice, mentorship and services from nationally recognized professionals. These are bookable hours that will allow the participant to ask personalized questions and advice about their business, gain assistance with specialized tasks, and receive services at no cost. Participants can book up to five hours with the professional of their choosing. These hours may be split into several sessions with the same provider, if needed. NOTE: Participants may apply and be approved more than once, as the budget allows, but may only have two applications open at a time.

Example of available services

  • 1-on-1 with a bookkeeper;
  • Contractual and legal advice with an entertainment lawyer;
  • Counseling sessions with a mental health practitioner;
  • Search engine optimization and digital marketing;
  • Strategic and business planning;
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion training;
  • Strategy and policy development;
  • And general industry advice.


This component has a rolling deadline, with applications being accepted from November 22, 2022 until February 10 March 3, 2023. Results will be communicated a maximum of three (3) weeks after application, but often sooner.
All final reports must be submitted by March 17, 2023.


Music·Musique NB’s investment is paid directly to the hired professionals. Participants can book up to 5 hours with the professional of their choosing. Participants may apply and be approved more than once, as the budget allows, but may only have 2 applications open at a time.


New Brunswick musicians, live music workers and live music organizations/businesses are eligible to apply. For organizations and businesses, the sessions must be completed by an individual in leadership (eg: Executive Director, CFO, Marketing Manager, etc.), with the exception of sessions with a mental health practitioner. Any musician or employee of a live music organization/business may apply for sessions with a mental health practitioner.

The applicant must be a current resident of New Brunswick. New Brunswick residents currently studying outside the province must contact the Program Manager to determine eligibility. Any non-permanent residents of New Brunswick (ie: students) must contact the Program Manager to determine eligibility.
Government Departments, public agencies or institutions, and public or private broadcasters are not eligible for participation in this program.

The applicant may not have more than two (2) applications open at any one time. Once a completion report has been filed for one project, they may immediately submit another application.


The only eligible expenses through this component are bookable hours (up to 5 hours total per project) with either a professional listed in this component, or a Canadian professional of your choosing, pending approval by the Program Manager and the steering committee. These expenses are paid directly by Music·Musique NB to the professional on behalf of the participant. All additional hours/expenses will be paid by the participant.


Fill out the Application Form, submitting all supporting information such as:

  • Biography and other relevant information regarding the applicant;
  • If applying for an organization or business, please provide the name and position of the individual that will participate in the session;
  • The selection of a professional service provider. If you wish to work with a service provider beyond those listed in this component, you must include a CV/resume and a quote for services from the service provider in question;
  • A short description of the need for this service and the impact it will have on your business and/or professional development.

Applicants under 18 years of age must submit a signed Parent or Legal Guardian Consent Form with the application.
If you face physical, mental or socioeconomic barriers to the application process, please contact the Program Manager to see what accommodations are available (, 506.383.4662).


Evaluations of each application will be conducted by the Program Manager, advised by a steering committee of music industry professionals as needed. The following criteria are used to evaluate the applications:

  • Relevance of the services sought to the development of the applicant’s business/professionalism;
  • Alignment with the program objectives;
  • Applicant merit: professional history, recent activity, industry/community involvement.

Priority will be given to applicants that come from or work within underserved communities, including Black, First Nations or newcomer communities and low-income neighborhoods, or identify as BIPOC, LGBTQIA2S+, gender non-conforming, or disabled. Applicants may self-identify in their application. 


Successful Applicants are required to submit a short Completion Report within two weeks of completing their session(s). The completion report should include answers to the following:

  • The dates of the sessions.
  • The outcomes of the sessions, and the impacts (if any) of the session(s) on your career/business. Exception: If you received mental health services, you may omit this section.
  • The inclusion of any relevant documents or content that was generated as a result of the sessions (ie: marketing materials, social media redesign)


Please ensure that you retain or save a copy of all submitted forms, attachments and emails received for your records.
In the case of disagreement concerning the interpretation of policies and programs, Music·Musique NB and its Board of Directors reserves the right to the final interpretation of the intent and implementation of any program.


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